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FOX News
Oct 28, 2013 12:00am PDT
like a charm. >> you know what the president should do, put the nsa in charge of the website. they already have the information. >> what seemed to be missing what has any explanation about what went wrong. >> the product is good. i want people to get this great product. >> when did the president of the united states turn into gill from the simpsons. >> how many can i put you down for a lot. please say a lot i need this. >> if it wasn't costing us so much money that would be funny. those i.t. geniuses must have been the dumbest hired. he's made it clear now that he's ready to go after the best and the brightest, comedians, some are the most flagrant scandals couldn't ignore the punch line served up by the president. president obama all but just became a pitchman selling primarily insurance? the rose garden. it was almost like he was saying wait, there's more, and there is. the white house press corps has been gentle but it's hard to ignore collapse not only of the website but the fundamental promises he made about obama health care. >> if you made less than $250,000 a year you
FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 12:00am PST
. the president had no idea death benefits would be denied and he was completely unaware that the nsa was illegally spying on american citizens and tapping phone calls of leaders from european allies all the way to the pope. this is like tim cook, ceo of apple didn't know apple had an a new ipad until he read it in the paper or boston red sox owner wasn't aware boston won the world series until he glanced at the sports page. or imagine roger, surprised to find out fox news boat all of the other news channel. but he didn't know that until he heard it on the huckabee show? (applause) >> you know when there is a crisis or controversy, the answer with this president is always the same. >> i can assure you, that i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked through press, through the press. >> you know, the president's biggest problem is that he hasn't a clue on how to run. he has 0 executive experience. i am not sure he could organize the two car parade and if he did he would have to read the news reports to know which cars for it. when i was g
FOX News
Oct 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
over similar allegations in their countries. the nsa denies reports president obama knew anything about the spying. >>> i'm harris faulkner. we're two seconds away from "huckabee." >>> during thursday's congressional hearings on the problems of obama care's online signups, california democrat anna ishu called out one of the designers because he was blaming the glitches on the overwhelming applicants. >> you keep speaking about unexpected volumes, ms. campbell, and that really sticks in my craw, i have to tell you that, because, as i said, there are thousands of websites that carry far more traffic. so i think that's really kind of a lame excuse. amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas and pro flowers doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> hmm. and a couple of other things i've noted, when you order something from amazon or ebay or pro flowers, you actual he get what you wanted. at a price that you really did want to pay and it comes in on time. eve even if the website works nobody's ever suggested that the product is going to be what you want, when you wanted it and what you
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)